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Amadeus GDS

What is GDS (Global Distribution System)?
A computer reservations system (CRS) is an electronic system used to store and recoup information and direct exchanges related to air travel. Initially planned and worked via airlines, CRSs were later reached out for the utilization of travel organizations. Significant CRS activities that book and sell tickets for numerous aircraft are known as Global Distribution System (GDS). Airlines have divested a large portion of their immediate property to committed GDS organizations, who make their systems, open to buyers through Internet passages. Present-day Global Distribution Systems normally enable clients to book hotels and rental cars just as airline tickets. They additionally give access to railway reservations in certain business sectors in spite of the fact that these are not constantly coordinated with the fundamental system.
Trawex Amadeus
Trawex is specialized in integrating the Amadeus GDS to provide leisure content in a single platform with innovative customer-focused technology to make a real difference to your customers and your business. Trawex helps the travel agents to enhance profits, sales revenue with many technology/software-based systems. Trawex offers pre-integrated Amadeus GDS which is a universal platform for booking airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, holiday packages at one place. Trawex GDS enables leading travel providers to run their business efficiently and effectively. Trawex provides Amadeus GDS Integration with facilitating the travel solution with their pricing, real-time availability, centralized data display with reservation functionality to the global travel industry.
We help you extend your market reach, secure new customers, maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities and take advantage of the online channel. Travel agents around the world can access ticket inventory. Trawex platform empowers travel agents to access real-time inventory in one place for hotels and airlines. Integrating Amadeus GDS will definitely take the travel agency to the global marketplace, can access the huge set of travel contents by Amadeus GDS. We are providing Travel APIs/ XML APIs with integrated Amadeus GDS for airline business, travel agents and travel companies. Trawex offers a wide range of inventory on flight, hotel, car rental, transfer and sightseeing which is integrated with Amadeus GDS suppliers that enable a large number of customers to connect with our huge domestic and growing international network.
Trawex provides a global distribution system which is most preferable for corporate travel agents as a suitable reservation process for flights, hotel, rental cars and holidays worldwide. Integrated Amadeus GDS provides highly effective and interactive reservation solution, which helps OTAs expand booking scopes by distributing airline content globally. Accessing real-time and updated information about flight status, actual prices and makes reservations instantly and reduces your overheads in the process too.
Amadeus is a multi-GDS services company which distributes inventory and content to the world's global distribution systems. Amadeus GDS System offers your travelers a flexible online booking experience for flights, hotel rooms, car rental, sightseeing and transfers including the full range of airfare families and ancillary services. We offer travel portal solutions with Amadeus GDS System by integrating Amadeus software for the travel trade industry including customized software products for travel agents and travel service providers.
Implement travel management business with our integrated Amadeus GDS System by providing a personalized and seamless booking experience through your business travelers' preferred channels. Trawex offers booking software that enables you to check flight schedules, retrieve fares, book flights, book cars and also book hotels. Our advanced online booking tools reduce the need for manual entries and time spent searching, booking trips and submitting expense reports.
Trawex provides a highly effective booking solution, which helps online travel agencies expand booking scopes by distributing air and non-airline content to wide-reaching, distribution channels. Accessing real-time and updated information about flight status, actual prices and make reservations immediately and decrease your overheads in the process too. Trawex is fully integrated with Amadeus GDS facilitates travel agents and agencies to serve the traveler to expand their business worldwide by helping their clients to get the best deal. It also helps to manage your travel business, reducing costs and improving revenues. Using Trawex online booking engine platform, integration of Amadeus GDS XML API web services can directly be done to your website, allowing you to maintain your site’s identity and original design and branding.
Amadeus is a main transaction processor for the worldwide travel and the travel industry, giving exchange handling force and technology answers for both travel suppliers (counting full help transporters and low-cost airlines, airlines, rail operators, cruise and ferry operators, car rental organizations and visit administrators) and travel offices (both on the web and disconnected). The organization demonstrations both as an overall system interfacing travel suppliers and travel offices through a profoundly powerful handling platform for the dispersion of travel products and services (through our distribution business), and as a supplier of an exhaustive arrangement of IT arrangements which mechanize certain strategic business forms, for example, reservations, inventory management and activities for travel suppliers (through our IT arrangements business).
Trawex, being a main Amadeus system advancement organization, coordinates Amadeus GDS to convey the top tier travel software to worldwide travel management organizations. We integrate Amadeus GDS to get to the inventory for flights, hotels, transfers, and journey through web services given by Amadeus. The client's credentials are used for authentication and data processing. As a travel technology organization, we will deliver custom travel software with B2C, corporate module, and white-label. Our Amadeus GDS system has all the center capacities and characteristics to prevail over the long run. Not only it's a comprehensive travel management system, but also it is diversified in aggregating the travel contents. Our Amadeus is organized around two significant capabilities, GDS and travel IT arrangements. One of the unique highlights provided by our Amadeus system is the next generation DCS - flight control systems to the airlines. The IT team of Amadeus provides the transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. Amadeus is from OTA, IATA, and SITA. Its IATA airline designator code is 1A. Our Amadeus as a technology supplier for the airlines have functionalities like Inventory management, Reservation process, PNR age, and Passenger Profiling. Our Amadeus, which is a main travel technology accomplice and exchange processor for worldwide travel and the tourism industry, has developed as the leading GDS system. With extraordinary technological help, that it offers - things can be enormous for Amadeus. We can raise the degree of the travel organization by incorporating Amadeus GDS web services, as it can get to the enormous arrangement of travel substance represented by Amadeus GDS.
Our Amadeus GDS is one of the most favored GDS system today. Worldwide travel management organizations are for the most part utilizing Amadeus GDS to gain admittance to online travel matters including transfers, hotels, touring, aircraft, cars, and other value-added services. On an ordinary reason, Amadeus GDS has the most raised number of transactions. Over the most recent 18 years, Amadeus GDS has become the biggest and greatest travel content aggregator around the globe. They continually presenting developments and along these lines holding the worldwide initiative situation in travel technology and travel distribution solutions for the travel industry. Set of solutions like e power suites, web services, APIs and other value-added services, let the client choose what they like. Amadeus GDS apparatuses are worked to convey proficient travel portal solutions. They help the customers to convey thorough travel schedules quickly and productively. To make a European GDS, by intertwining the CRS, Amadeus was begun in 1987 via Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa, and SAS. Following two years, seven additional aircraft joined Amadeus and enable the travel agents to book flights through neutral screens. Presently it is the biggest extra time package merchant on the planet. A travel agent can offer travel products from 430 aircrafts in 195 nations, 32 car rental organizations in 37,918 areas, and 300,000 hotel properties by utilizing Amadeus GDS coordination and more, more than .1 million travel workplaces are related with Amadeus GDS.
Our Amadeus has been introducing innovative and dynamic business solutions based on the technology of the future in the growing complex market, highly competitive and a sensitive business environment. We offer services that are ahead of their time and thus, unmatched in the technology arena. Our Amadeus GDS is picked the time and again over its competition in light of an exhaustive offering of customized tools in all cases in the travel business. Our best, proficient and easy to use programming devices help to oversee deals exercises and organization systems while corporate travel management solutions license business passengers to book plans from their desktop. Our Amadeus' web-based business solutions range from a single connection with the most refined travel web-based business stage accessible on the planet today. Amadeus GDS engages driving travel suppliers to maintain their business successfully and proficiently. Amadeus technology is utilized by a wide request of divisions to structure effective and powerful business territories even from global system airlines to minimal effort transporters, from worldwide travel offices to free hotels. Our Amadeus application software help to be sorted out and support up the estimation of business forms for travel suppliers and end purchasers by conveying them a definitive advantage.
Trawex is spent significant time in integrating the Amadeus GDS to give leisure content in a single platform with imaginative client-focused technology to have a genuine effect on your clients and your business. Trawex causes the travel agents to upgrade benefits, deals income with numerous technology/software-based systems. 
Trawex offers pre-incorporated Amadeus GDS which is an all-inclusive platform for booking aircraft tickets, hotels, vehicle rentals, holiday packages at one place. Trawex GDS empowers driving travel suppliers to maintain their organizations efficiently and effectively. Trawex provides Amadeus GDS Integration with encouraging the travel arrangement with their estimating, continuous accessibility, incorporated information show with reservation usefulness to the worldwide travel industry. We help you extend your market reach, secure new customers, maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities and take advantage of the online channel. Travel agents around the globe can get to ticket inventory. Trawex platform engages travel agents to get to continuous inventory in one place for hotels and airlines. Integrating Amadeus GDS will take the travel agency to the global marketplace; can access the huge set of travel contents by Amadeus GDS. We are giving Travel APIs/XML APIs with incorporated Amadeus GDS for airline business, travel agents and travel organizations. Trawex offers a wide scope of inventory on the flight, hotel, car rental, travel and touring which is integrated with Amadeus GDS providers that empower countless clients to interface with our immense local and developing a global system.
Trawex gives a global distribution system that is generally best for corporate travel agents as a reasonable reservation process for flights, hotels, rental vehicles and occasions around the world. Integrated Amadeus GDS gives profoundly viable and intuitive reservation arrangements, which help OTAs, extend booking degrees by circulating content all-inclusive. Accessing real-time and updated data about flight status, real costs and reserves a place right away and lessens your overheads in the process as well.
Amadeus is a multi-GDS service organization that disperses your inventory and content to the world's global distribution system. Amadeus GDS System offers your travelers an adaptable web booking experience for flights, hotels, vehicle rental, visiting and transfers including the full level of airfare related things and subordinate services. We offer travel portal courses of action with Amadeus GDS System by planning Amadeus software for the travel business including customized software for travel agents and travel master centers. Execute travel management business with our coordinated Amadeus GDS System by giving a customized and consistent booking experience through your business explorers' favored channels. Trawex offers booking software that empowers you to check flight plans recover charges, book flights, book autos and furthermore book hotels. Our progressed web-based booking tools reduce the requirement for manual sections and time spent looking, booking trips and submitting cost reports.
Benefits of Amadeus GDS Integration by Trawex:
  • Worldwide exposure of your flights.
  • Backing to interface with B2B and B2C travel portals
  • It enlarges your business development in the travel business
  • Access wide scope of travel contents
  • Trip agents can get global distribution platform for their business
We are the main travel portal development organization offering top tier GDS advancement and combination for worldwide travel management organizations and travel offices. Trawex offers coordinated Amadeus GDS System that consolidates different travel services at a single place. Trawex gives the GDS availability to travel agents, visit administrators, and travel organizations over the world. Trawex is associated with Global Distribution System suppliers like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and Travelport. Trawex pre-incorporated with Amadeus GDS System which permits getting to the inventory for flights, hotels, car rentals, holidays, transfers and touring through web services. Trawex helps the travel agents, travel companies to enhance profits and extend their market reach, secure new customers, maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities and take advantage of the integrated Amadeus GDS System. 
Trawex incorporated Amadeus GDS System empowers travel management organizations/head out offices to manufacturing adjustable applications with steady and tie-down access to the unbeatable GDS content territory. We are committed to develop and deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines for flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers and sightseeing online. Trawex gives incorporated Amadeus GDS system which empowers travel agents to convey schedules rapidly and proficiently. It helps venture out organizations and OTAs to serve the traveler and upgrade their business experience and commitment.
Amadeus is a GDS (Global Distribution System) supplier in the overall travel and tourism industry. Amadeus XML web services were a neutral global distribution system (GDS) to connect providers’ content with travel agencies and consumers in real-time. The Amadeus systems were functionally dedicated to airline reservations and centered on the PNR (Passenger Name Record), the passenger's travel file. The PNR was opened up to extra travel businesses like air, hotels, rail, transport, vehicles, travels, cruise, insurance, and so forth.
Amadeus is a computer reservation system (CRS); CRS is also used to book train travel, cruises, car rental, bus reservations, and hotel rooms. Amadeus also gives new generation departure control system to airlines. Through its IT Solutions for the travel business, we likewise offer travel organizations software systems that computerize procedures, for example, reservations, inventory management, and flight control. Trawex pre-integrated Amadeus GDS system provides search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing services in real-time to travel providers and travel agencies through Amadeus distribution travel solutions.
Amadeus Web Services is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is consolidated into specific web applications and travel portals to draw in them access to Amadeus functionalities by strategies for XML information. Amadeus web services enable travel management companies, tourism agencies and online travel booking systems to get connected with Amadeus travel inventory.  We built up an answer that permits little and medium-sized travel agents in your nation to beat this test. This arrangement will empower you to sell an immense inventory of flights from a wide pool of aircrafts direct to your clients.
Our pre-composed Amadeus GDS system gives an exceptionally effective and keen reservation plan, which helps OTAs, broaden booking expansions by dispersing flight and non-aircraft substance to wide-coming to, distribution channels. We integrating Amadeus's global distribution system to your travel portal or booking engine can provide huge real-time data and facilities. The highlight of Amadeus GDS is its ability to offers a single point of access to the entire range of Amadeus' content. It allows travel solution provides a cost-effective way to build customized travel booking applications with stable and secure access to GDS content. The joining gives following moment advantages to the service co-ops:
  • Control on live inventory, Easy connectivity
  • Automatic access wide range of travel contents
  • Real-time information for availability and price change
  • Instant booking option
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • PNR number generation
  • Increase productivity and revenue
  • Exceed your customer’s expectation
  • Make your travel business globalize with huge travel data
  • Multiple channels for distribution and utilization
The Amadeus GDS System enables to build customizable applications with stable and secure access to the unbeatable GDS content range. The most well-known Amadeus GDS System is Amadeus flight API that permits a growing gathering of Internet-wise buyers to save their flight appointments on the web.
Trawex pre-coordinated Amadeus GDS System offers you the following:
  • Control on live inventory
  • Easy availability
  • Real-time valuing
  • Automatic content update
  • Multiple channels for dispersion and use
Trawex Amadeus GDS compromise offers GDS System Integration, travel portal development, Amadeus GDS Integration, hotel management system, hotel booking destinations, hotel management software, hotel arrangements, online hotel reservation. If you’re not willing to use an off-the-shelf solution and prefer to develop your travel products, Amadeus GDS integration is designed for you. Utilizing the Amadeus API reduces expenses and spares your time. The Amadeus XML toolbox empowers us to build customizable applications with steady and secure access to the incredible GDS content range.
Amadeus Airline GDS features:
  • Amadeus Availability
An Amadeus accessibility display shows all flights with at any rate one seat accessible available to be purchased or Waitlist, for all airlines which have a business agreement with Amadeus.
  • Amadeus Schedule
An Amadeus plan show shows all flights worked by all aircraft who submit plan Information to Amadeus, for airlines that have a business concurrence with Amadeus; availability status codes are shown for each class of service, paying little respect to whether seats are accessible. The schedule display also has shown flown flights availability and schedule displays include flights up to 361 days in the future and up to 3 days in the past are stored in the system. Flights in the past have appeared in an accessibility show without accessibility status codes.
  • Direct access
Direct access furnishes you with direct access to the booking systems of significant aircrafts. Using standard Amadeus entries, you can obtain current information on the availability of seats through a real-time link between Amadeus and the airline. By getting to the aircraft's reservation system directly, you can see the keep going seat accessible on a flight, without the airline rejecting the booking after the end transaction. Flights can be sold regardless of whether they are on request, or show a shortlist status on different kinds of Amadeus show. You can see up to a limit of 26 classes of service in an immediate access show. All Amadeus users can directly access agreement with Amadeus. The link between the Amadeus and airline inventory system are for 3 minutes only. At the point when you realize that the aircraft has an immediate access agreement with Amadeus, enter the number 1 pursued by the two-letter airline code.
Amadeus Hotel GDS Benefits and Advantages:
  • Amadeus arrangements are a one-stop-shop that boosts efficiencies and technology computability.
  • Amadeus takes into account all hotel needs from hotel management software to distribution to all business channels.
  • Various varieties of solutions are available as indicated by the clients' needs utilizing cutting edge technology.
  • On the distribution side, Amadeus offers really consistent availability, from the hotel to the customer, allowing Amadeus to execute Best Available Rate and Rate Parity benchmarks for customers.
  • Increment efficiencies – the Amadeus PMS is completely coordinated and interfaces with nearby frameworks to give you a single perspective on the everyday tasks of every hotel. This dispenses with the issue of copy information and divided systems and conveys a consumer-like PMS client experience that will radically decrease preparing speculation significance expanded operational effectiveness and cost reduction.
  • Know, and keep, your visitor – the Amadeus PMS is a visitor driven platform in which there is one record of the visitor which incorporates information from different sources including the hotel's partners. This gives a customized service to drive client dependability - keep clients coming back. At Amadeus – the new PMS model has the ability for pre-arrival dialogue, 'during remain' discourse and pre-checkout exchange between the property and the visitor, giving more approaches to draw in with the visitor and fabricate a relationship.
  • Be technology prepared – Amadeus can anticipate the requirements of the visitors ahead of time and be in front of the challenge in delivering them. For example, Amadeus foresees that by one year from now, more travel exchanges will be made through versatile than PC, online networking use will proceed to multiply, and a single perspective on traverse all devices will be required. They are integrating their platform with social media channels. In this way, for example, visitors could book through Facebook, and afterward get their booking affirmation numbers messaged to their versatile. (These segments are as of now in model stage).
  • Be Cloud-prepared – the huge pattern in the IT world as of now, the Cloud will see more hotels realizing that they can move their PMS from being a capital cost (CapEx) to an operational cost (OpEx) by moving to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The relationship here is the reason purchase a costly coffee machine that possibly makes one sort of coffee when you could get the machine for nothing and purchase whatever sort of coffee you need, at whatever point you want it?
  • All-inclusive centered – the arrangement is quick and simple for hotel staff to utilize. Notwithstanding the language they talk, its instinctive multilingual UI makes it perfect for the worldwide hotel network.
Benefits of Amadeus GDS Integration by Trawex:
  • Worldwide exposure of your flights.
  • Support to connect with B2B and B2C travel portals
  • It helps to increase your business growth in the travel industry
  • Access a wide range of travel contents
  • Travel agents can get global distribution platform for their business
Features of Amadeus GDS Integration by Trawex:
  • Manage your travel business intelligently
  • Better market & business insight
  • Target & promote your travel business
  • Distribute & sell through more channels
  • Enhance the buying experience

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