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We have been using Trawex software and their attention to detail both before and after the software delivery has been just amazing. We always get a fast response to all our questions and we are very pleased to work with them. Their solutions are really helpful for any travel agency in managing their entire business online and everything was delivered as per the requirements and on time. I am so THANKFUL for each and every person at Trawex!!

Kim Gomez

CEO & Founder, Liberty Holiday Group, Spain

 Tour Operators

Tour operators uses Trawex's Tour Operator Software to increase productivity and sales,extend the range of travel products.

Trawex offers tour operator software which helps to fulfill their customer's needs and manage all their availability, rates, and inventory bookings, agents, marketplaces, reports and lots more. All in one place.

 B2B/ B2C Travel Agents

B2B/ B2C Travel Agents uses Trawex's B2B/ B2C portal to serve their customers efficiently, to increase profitability with inventory.

Trawex offers B2B/ B2C travel portal to expand their business growth across the globe with a better ratio of customers.

After searching a lot for a partner in order to develop our travel portals, we have chosen Trawex, a company with professionals who understood our requirements and offer the best product with reasonable price. Trawex have delivered most affordable solution, user-friendly interface, advanced travel agency software with all the features for our business. I was very pleased with the high quality services provided by Trawex.

Stanley Kasyoka

Managing Director, iCompare, Kenya

We have found a very dedicated team at Trawex. I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project. Trawex offers travel portal solutions that deliver high performance, affordable and easy-to-use internet booking engine. Trawex team have done a wonderful job of navigating the process and working to make sure things are handled promptly. Choosing Trawex, to get travel solution is one of the best decisions we ever made!


Director, Purple Dahlia Holidays

 Travel Management Companies

Travel Management Companies usesTrawex's Travel Management Software to meet your needs and help to manage your sales, bookings, tours, Itineraries and track progress in real time.

Trawex offers Travel Management Software which build their business around ultimate performance, across all customer needs and interactions to drive business growth with the most complete all-in-one travel booking and management software.

 Online Travel Agencies & OTAs

Online Travel Agencies & OTAs uses Trawex's Online Travel Agencies Software to boost your sales and enhance your website functionality and visibility.

Trawex offers Online Travel Agency Software which fully automate the booking processes, sell products & establish better business cooperation with your partners to enhance your travel business.

Before started working with Trawex, we were faced with many issues because of using software with old and not updated features in the booking software. Trawex team helped me to overcome that issue, they provide a really useful and scalable booking platform that enables me to manage all availability, rates, and inventory bookings, agents, marketplaces, reports and also Trawex helped me to stay ahead of our competitor’s and fulfill our customer’s needs. Thank you for the excellent customer service — your staff has been a great asset to me.

Geetanjali Rao

Vice President, Aerolia Travels PVT LTD

We are happy to work with Trawex and using their software to manage our travel business. The system is easy to use, cost-effective, reliable and that could automate, streamline processes, save significant cost and improve the overall efficiency of our businesses. Their B2B system is easy to understand and saves a lot of time of our agents. Our business performance has improved after having a system from Trawex. Trawex has a great team that is most helpful and quick to respond and service our needs.

Vinesh Shah

Founder, Peninsula Vacations Pvt. Ltd, India

 Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

Centralized management,
multiple services;
all through a single platform!

Trawex offers Destination Management Software Solutions for Destination Management Companies to centralize management and increase productivity. Our Destination Management System provides complete and up-to-date information on a particular tourist destination.

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